I had an extensive period of recovery following shoulder reconstruction surgery. Gareth has helped me get to a point where I feel strong and have confidence in my body again. We worked on not just my wonky shoulder, but also whole body conditioning, movement patterns, co-ordination, and diet.

Before I started working with Gareth, I felt I would have to deal with daily pain for life, and would be unable to return to my career, but now I feel like anything is possible! My pain levels are vastly reduced, I'm sleeping better, I'm stronger and happier than I've been in a long time, and a lot of credit goes to Gareth for guiding me onto the path to true recovery.

Helen Ashton

I have suffered from Oestoarthritis and chronic pain for 25 years and tried lots of physios, pain clinics, pain killers alternative medicine but nothing really worked. As you can imagine I was extremely sceptical about these exercises having any effect but I gave them a go. I’ve been doing them now for a month and I have noticed a big difference. Before my back would just go but this has been happening less- I can definitely feel my muscles in my back strengthening.
At first some of the movements are tricky but they do get easier the more you do the program.
I definitely recommend this program to anyone suffering from sore backs, hips and chronic pain. I can definitely feel an improvement.

Colleen Eardley

As an avid triathlon competitor, the Mobility Reset has really helped keep me on the road and in the water.

I find I the increased mobility has really helped fend off those old reoccurring injuries I used to suffer from.

Well worth the investment to keep me competing.

Val Bridges

Many thanks for that program, total game changer. I train at least 4 times a week at Crossfit so have noticed muscles stiffness / aches which I experienced on one side of body definitely subsided. I am squatting deeper and my strength increasing. This is just 3 weeks into the program.

Have to admit i'm fascinated by the Vestibular Reset so working away on that too.

Dee Smith

I did this program a month ago with a shoulder injury from playing contact sports and a back injury from a skiing accident 15 years ago.


I've already noticed a huge difference in my range of motion and I am in far less pain than than I have been after both injuries.

Stephen Cheevers

I got in touch regarding my ongoing problems with a facet joint displacement that I had been trying to manage for nearly a decade.

Within 24 hrs I had a programme of flex and resistance training to implement into my daily routine.

I can already feel the benefits and it’s obvious to me that they have a high level of expertise in the field.

I would highly recommend them to anyone. 


Nicks Wilson

Joel English

Floria De Silva

Tomek Marinowski