Moving efficiently is about seeing well, balancing well and integrating well.

Yoga at Home

Visual System

More than just 20/20

Vision is your brain's most important system, just think how much moving in everyday life relies on your ability to see.

We think of 20/20 as “perfect vision.”

But vision can be improved just like any other skill.

Your eyes have muscles controlling their ability to move and just like any other muscle, they can be trained.

If you can see well the quality of information your brain can process increases. This then increases the ability you will have to move well.

In real life, unlike the opticians, things move and we need the ability to see and track them clearly in order for the brain to feel safe enough to allow us to move.

In our membership programs, we train your eye’s ability to see clearly and move well.

Vestibular System

Where am I going and which way is up?

Our vestibular system (in our inner ear) is a vitally important system to the brain and movement.

Without it we wouldn't be able to move as we wouldn't have much of an idea where we were moving to!

This system is automatic and we hardly even notice it but if theres a mis-match between the vestibular system and the other sensory systems it can have huge effects on our ability to move well.

This can cause muscles to and posture to change and lead to long term pain and movement problems.

As part of our membership, all of our course help retrain the vestibular system to function well.

Proprioceptive System

Our movement map

If you can't sense a limb, you won't be able to move it. And if you could, you wouldn't know where you had moved it to!


Being able to sense your joints and muscles is called proprioception. 

The brain adapts to what it does everyday, and if you have mis-matched maps it won't feel safe allowing you to move.

Much like a GPS. all of your neural maps must match to build a clear picture of the world around you and how you are moving through it.

It these maps aren't working well together your ability to move will be hampered.

In our membership we train the proprioceptive system to move with control through the full range of motion.

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